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After retiring from careers in communications and childrens’ publishing, joining MOB checks all the boxes: contributing to students’ literacy, working with educators and fellow volunteers with a shared sense of purpose, supporting an effective, committed, well-run organization, and most of all being part of a program that truly makes a difference for NYC’s underserved students.

Marilyn Ratner, June 2020

Being a volunteer with MYOB has been a wonderful experience on many levels. Obviously interacting with the children is the most rewarding. Some of them have never been to a book store let alone have $50 to spend. Often the teachers encourage creativity and I’ve seen performances where the children enact the roles of some of the characters in their books and I’ve seen some beautiful art work depicting characters and storylines. Another positive aspect of the program is that so many of us volunteers have become personal friends and we all genuinely enjoy being a part of this wonderful program that was initiated by a kind visionary named Burt Freeman

Joan, June 2020

I've volunteered in the MOBF program for the last six years. It's been a very emotional experience for me. I spent much of my life as the owner and operator of a commercial air conditioning business. Most of my days were taken up by thoughts and decisions that were concrete and material. The MOBF program has brought out the feeling part of me.
Dealing with 3rd graders, talking about their lives, their dreams, and their enthusiasm. Talking about visiting a book store and getting their own books and then talking about what they've read and getting thank you notes, has changed the way I view education. As I said, it's very emotional and it's the reason I return year after year. I think the more kids and volunteers who participate in the program, the more they will be responsible to their communities.

Bob Berger, June 2020

I believe education and reading offers a pathway to many other opportunities in life. We learn, get motivated, open up our worlds in so many ways. Expand our imaginations. Being involved in an organization that will encourage children to read more is so valuable. And it’s also fun to interact with the kids. And it’s an easy volunteer gig that allows for both part time work and other volunteer gigs.

Elaine Dreyer, June 2020

My wife and I have been MYOB volunteers for almost 15 years and a school visit to PS105 rarely goes by when we don’t hear something like this from a six or seventh grader whom we bump into in the hall: “Hey Mr. Greenburg, I remember you! I still have the books I bought on our trip to the bookstore. That was the best school trip I’ve ever been on.

Dan Greenburg, Oct 2020

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