What Our Kids Say About My Own Book

Because of you I got books for free. You gave schools the opportunity for kids to purchase books, I know you did this because you want children to read.
Thank You so Muuuch!!!
May you live long.

Ibrahim, PS 28 Bronx

Books are red,
Papers are blue,
Your donations for the
3rd graders is such a fantastic idea.

Isatou, PS 28 Bronx

I loved every single book that I got. Thank you for letting me get the books I wanted.

Joshua, PS 28 Bronx

I want to thank you for giving us $50 to purchase books. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have the books I wanted. Every night my grandpa caught me reading in the dark. So, he bought me a book light.

Jeffrey, PS 28 Bronx

I really ingoy the book about bob marley I fell like me and the book bore I like music it my gerim to be come a big star like Bob Marley he never gave up I want be be like him.

Kiyashi, PS 63 Bronx

I would like to thank you for the books because it is fun to read.

Ryan, PS 63 Bronx

Book is power and that power is knowledge which can make myself a job get a wife have children...

Osbin, PS 63 Bronx

I bought some Magic Treehouse books, and a book about Jacqueline Kennedy. I also got a book on penguins and on Solar System. I look forward to reading all of them.

Jason, PS 63 Bronx

I mostly picked out some historical books. My personal favorite book was about Neil Armstrong.

Ryan, PS 63 Bronx

Every time I read a book my heart jumps.

Marnelly, PS 315 Brooklyn

At first when we were taking a trip to Barnes & Noble I thought there was going to be boring books but when I was in Barnes & Noble I found good books. (Dogman, Goosebumps, Michael Jordan, I Survived)

Pablo, PS 315 Brooklyn

Thank you for letting us get free books it has hooked me into reading more with chapter books and helped me with my depression and make me laugh with books such as dog-man. Again, thank you and I hope you continue to brighten children’s days!

Tasdin, PS 315 Brooklyn

I love all my books and now I have so much great books
I don’t know where to start!!!

Natalie, PS 126 Manhattan

I love to read the books I got from My Own Book Fund, every time I read I read one of the books I got there. Thank you so much!!!

Rilee, PS 126 Manhattan

Thank you, My Own Book, for sending us wonderful books!

Camila, PS 126 Manhattan

I love My Own Book because it is fun to read and interesting. I love my own books!

Chloe W., PS 126 Manhattan

I love reading animal books!

Austin, PS 126 Manhattan

I love the books! I wish I can go back. I had lots of fun there.

Samantha, PS 126 Manhattan

I love ️ reading My Own Books. My favorite book is the Baby sitters Club.

YongYi, PS 126 Manhattan

I loved reading this new book, Swing It Sunny!

Kobe, PS 126 Manhattan

They were the nicest people, they were so nice that they let us get free books! If they were not there, the other people would not let us.

Ivan, PS 126 Manhattan

I really enjoyed the books that you gave me.

Luke, PS 126 Manhattan

My books were so cool! Thank you so much for the $50
to buy us books!:)

Florence, PS 126 Manhattan

I am so happy to be able to have a book that I like and that I can read at any time.

Amare, PS 126 Manhattan

I love the books that i have. It is so much fun to learn new stuff.

Selina, PS 126 Manhattan

I really like reading the books! It’s really fun to read them! The books are amazing! I read them every day, thank you My Own Book, I really appreciate what you did.

Xiao Yin, PS 126 Manhattan

I used to not really be a fan of books and while I was going home I finished a whole book of Bad Kitty Go to School!

Sharon, PS 126 Manhattan

I love reading books when I am bored thank you my own book for getting me this much books.

Kevin, PS 126 Manhattan

Thank you My Own Book. I love my book. I love my book because they are
fun to read and they are super long.

Edward, PS 126 Manhattan

Thank you My Own Book for giving me a time to go get books. I love reading all the books and now I don’t need to read the same book.

Isabella, PS 126 Manhattan

I love my books every day! Thank you to My Own Book for giving me the
opportunities to have so many new books to read.

Andy, PS 126 Manhattan

I’m happy I was able to add books to my reading collection.

Landon, PS 126 Manhattan